Seeking Your Input to Help with an Embudo Valley Wetlands and Springs Restoration Project

Erin McElroy and Rachel Exposito
August 5, 2022

Ecotone Landscape Planning is restoring wetlands and springs around the Lower Embudo Valley in 2023, as well as creating a Wetland Action Plan (WAP), with funding from the NM Environment Department's Clean Water Act Section 319(h) Program. The WAP provides guidance to communities and organizations on how to protect wetlands and documents priority areas for protection and restoration. As part of this process, Ecotone would like to invite you to complete a brief survey. This survey is intended to gather community input on the wetlands and springs south of Dixon and south of Cañoncito. Your responses will help Ecotone's work in these important ecosystems. Your responses will remain anonymous and confidential. Paper copies of the survey are available in the Embudo Valley Library, the Dixon Co-Op, and the Dixon Post Office. The survey can also be taken online in either English or Spanish by following these links:



Thank you!