The Rio Embudo Watershed Through Time exhibit website offers the watershed’s communities and other interested readers both narrative history and artifact-specific information about the area’s long human history. The website is in fact the home of two separate exhibits: one that covers pre-colonial archaeology and one that covers periods post-1598. These exhibits are the best way to navigate the website and are linked on the homepage as well as under the “Exhibits” tab.

Be sure to read the contextual history in each exhibit and to visit their respective Artifact Galleries, which include material excavated from the Plaza del Embudo in recent years, remains from El Bosque and Picurís Pueblos, local petroglyphs from all time periods, and sites between and beyond.

The curators hope that the exhibits will be as dynamic as the history of the Rio Embudo Watershed. To contribute to this ongoing project with your own knowledge of the watershed, please find the “Contribute” tab on the website’s homepage. Here, you can submit text and files – photo and audio alike. We welcome all entries and will respect requests for any level of privacy or anonymity.

Another exhibit will soon be added to the website to accompany the tile mural map installed by Shel Neymark on the side wall of the Dixon Cooperative Market. Each contemporary and historical site featured on the mural map will have a corresponding online exhibit entry. Coming soon!
Rio Embudo Watershed Website