Health Care:
Stories from Embudo’s own StoryCorps interviews.

Recordings of the full-length interviews are available for checkout at the Library.

Produced with interviews recorded by StoryCorps, with support from Northern Rio Grande National Heritage Area.

Gilbert Romero & Jerrold Salazar

Gilberto Romero (77) speaks to his friend and co-worker Jerrold Salazar (48) about their experiences surrounding mental health advocacy in rural New Mexico, they additionally discuss the state of healthcare and health providers in the area and the role that community organizations are taking to facilitate access to healthcare.

Nevaeh espinoza & Lupe Salazar

Nevaeh Espinoza (11) speaks with her grandmother Lupe Salazar (51) about how their relationship has developed after Lupe became her guardian, her parent battles drug addiction, and her hopes for the future of the community.

Darlene Archuleta & Grace Lopez

Darlene M. Archuleta (55) speaks to her sister Grace Lopez (54) about their experiences regarding the opioid epidemic in the United States and how it has affected their families, in particular they discuss their children who've become addicts and they reflect on having to raise their grandchildren because of this.

Beverly nelson, Natalie Rivera & Lupe Salaar

Friends and community advocates Beverly Nelson (54) and Natalie Rivera (51) speak with Lupe Salazar (51), founder of Barrios Unidos, about their shared connection as mothers of children who are drug users.  

S. Tauz Tamu Povi & Marcia Brenden

S. Tauz Tamu Povi (48) speaks to her friend Marcia Brenden (69) about her work as a Doula in rural areas of northern New Mexico, she discusses what she values in the profession as well as her hopes for the future.

Vivian Heye & Steve Jenison

Friends and colleagues, Vivian Heye (73) and Steven Jenison (65) talk about the history of harm reduction programs in Rio Arriba Country in New Mexico and their perspectives on syringe exchange programs and medical cannabis.

Julia Martinez Pollock & Karen castagna

Julia Martinez Pollock (90) speaks with her friend Karen Castagna (69) about her upbringing in rural New Mexico, her family and traditions, as well as the healthcare system in place there.

Augustina Atencio Abbott & Liz Riedel

Nurse Practioner, Augustina Atencio Abbott (61), speaks with her peer, Elizabeth Riedel, a Physicians Assistant, about their work as rural health practitioners in Embudo Valley, New Mexico.  

mardoqueo chacon & Arturo Cisneros

Mardoqueo Chacon (84) talks to his friend Arturo Sisneros (40) about his life as a community activist and founder of El Centro Family Health, a series of health clinics in northern New Mexico.